Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh, deer

It is time for the cotton harvest at the farms. I see a lot of wildlife driving up the road to the office. A couple of days ago I saw a white tail deer. He was an 8 point buck, and he looked very regal as he left the cotton field and crossed the road in front of me. The deer have probably eaten a lot of cottonseed in the last few days. White tail deer are fairly rare in this area, as the more common deer is mule deer, so named for their huge ears. Mule deer are smaller than the white tail, and I have seen mule deer dive between strands of barbed wire.

Other wildlife have been coyotes, and various birds like hawks and roadrunners. When I see the roadrunners, I think of my Dad and the roadrunner he had quasi-tamed. The bird would come up to him, and come into the house. This bird would sit on his leg while he fed the bird raw hamburger.

I recently saw a male Gambrel quail on my property. I saw that it was moving oddly. As it was moving away from me, it was hopping. On one leg. Was the other leg missing or injured. I couldn't tell, but for it to live, without aid is amazing. This bird has found a way to survive the best he can. With no complaints. Amazing.