Thursday, April 19, 2012


Dreams come and go. Sometimes you remember dreams and most are lost between asleep and awake. You can have heart pounding, instantly awake dreams which are very disturbing. Some dreams work out your day to day problems. That conversation you wish you didn't have. The conversation you wish you had had. The brilliant statements you wish you had said. Some dreams make you wonder if you should monitor your eating habits before going to bed. Some dreams reoccur and are clearly frustrating because the are unsolvable problems which rear their ugliness night after night, leaving you spent and, well, frustrated. Some of the dreams I have include a little levity in that I tell myself a joke and I wake up laughing. Other dreams are like viewing a movie. That is cool, however, I sometimes do not know how the movie ends, and I have no popcorn. Some dreams are just that, dreams. Dreams of unlimited wealth, living on a yacht, beauty, being wanted, without a care in the world. Sweet. Last nights dream was of beads. Particularly learning a new stitch. I believe this dream of doing the herringbone stitch is my mind telling me I need to move beyond my procrastination and picking up the needle and just do it. Hurrah for dreams.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Red Stick Coral Necklace

I have made a new necklace, made with red stick coral and red branch coral. Lightweight and comfortable. Just in time for summer.

Talking in your sleep, or is it more?

When I was growing up, I had two brothers. I slept in one room and they shared the other bedroom. I would have bouts of not being able to sleep. I would end up passing the night reading or wandering around the house. One night, I was outside of the boy's bedroom and I could hear voices. I slowly opened the door. I mean really slowly. I didn't want any creaking to alert them to my presence in their bedroom. I slowly crept into their inner sanctum. The older brother was asking, in his sleep a question about electronics to the younger brother. The younger brother would take a few minutes and reply. Long pause, then the older brother would reply, if that was so, how about if I put a resistor in the circuit. The younger brother would again reply, in a slow manner. Back and forth. The older brother was so intrigued about electronics, and would drill the younger brother for information, so the older could work on his latest bread board project. The brothers would not acknowledge that I heard them talking in their sleep, until I asked the older brother: "Who is Rachelle?" He was so upset and beside himself. He asked where I heard that name. I told him, "You talk in your sleep." Rachelle was a girl in his class in high school. Someone he was really liked. Someone he had not shared his feelings about to anyone. But you cannot lie to yourself, in your sleep.