Thursday, February 9, 2012


Winter finds people snowed in and sitting at the kitchen table, fondly looking at the seed catalogs, dreaming of the coming spring and the future garden.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New stuff

Received a delivery yesterday. New queen sized mattress. Check. New couch. Check. Removal of old, broken down mattress; done. A good nights sleep on new mattress. Priceless. I have been, throughout my life, dealing with second hand, hand me down furniture. Except for the waterbed in California (with a mirrored canopy) and the dining table I currently have, everything has been second hand. It was very satisfying to remove the labels which say "Not to be removed except by the consumer." That consumer would be me. So you may ask, how did I know I had a good nights sleep? Well, I usually sleep through the night, except for trying to keep the covers on. I usually toss and turn. Sometimes I wake up and wonder what kind of acrobatics I was doing during the night. I would be also tired during the day. This morning, a few flips of the sheets and blankets, and I was back to having a made bed. The jury is still out on whether this refreshed feeling will continue during the day.