Thursday, September 2, 2010

Law of Attraction

I have become a member of the new team on Etsy. It is the Law of Attraction Team. There are quite a few members of this team, and we all look forward to positive thinking bringing positive results.

A lot of times we wish for something to happen but say it with a "It couldn't happen" voice. There is where we shoot ourselves in the foot. A positive viewpoint can bring us everything. A negative viewpoint only serves to make ourselves miserable by allowing more negative into our lives.

By looking toward the highest good in everything we do, we open ourselves to the Universe.

By being a member of this team, we help each others to open up to manifesting everything good into our lives. To remove the negative from our voice and thoughts, and to make friends in the bargain.

I am looking forward to the sales generated by the Universe. Now, back to my beading.