Saturday, June 8, 2013


I did it. I re-enrolled in college in a push to finalize my Associate's Degree in Accounting. I was 6 credits away from finishing, with two writing courses. In the interim, another class has been added. I have taken Legal Environment in Business, which also had ethics in the program. Now there is Ethics in the Workplace. I enrolled in Ethics in the Workplace for summer classes and as an online course. This course is shortened in time but with all the content of a semester within the 5 weeks of coursework. I chose online because I eliminate the 1-1/2 drive if I drove into town. I can use that time to study, instead. This is interesting in that the classmates run the gambit. The young people who on believe the Professor is passive-aggressive. Really? There is another student who currently is in Sweden, and is taking the course because it is online, and she can continue her studies even though she is home. She is very bright and her English is flawless, unlike mine. Most of the students have to take this course for their degree, but it is unknown if they will ever be in a position of power, and can do something about any ethics problems they may encounter. Me? I, too am not in power, but I know ethical behavior. I have always strived to be an ethical person. To be fair in my opinions and my actions. To not lie, cheat and steal. I will distance myself from unethical people, if I can. Otherwise I will smile and nod, smile and nod.