Saturday, February 21, 2009

New week, new job

I survived working at the Gem & Mineral show. It was an interesting experience. Interesting because I am approaching my 6th decade, and I was able to do the work required. I worked the register, stocked merchandise and made recommendations of which product was the best for the beading project someone had in mind. I really felt energized. The first three days were bad, but I was able to work out of the muscle soreness, with Aspercream and ibuprophen. Oh, and I lost about 10 pounds. I now weigh less than the weight listed on my driver's license.

After finishing the work, and getting back to what I have been doing for the last year -looking for a permanent position - I got the call. I have accepted a secretary position with a local Indian tribe. They sell hay, and basically I am a cashier, with other duties. This is kinda nice position to be in. I am close to work, the drive is nice, there are no stop lights, and pretty much a straight line to the office. We will see what happens. It will be different.

Of course, this new job started two days after picking up a new dog. I used to raise dalmatians, and have a soft spot for the spots. I had to have my last dog put down a year ago, actually about the time I lost my last permanent job. Anyway, this dog is older, and the previous owner's wife did not get along with "Rosie." So through a friend of a friend, I found Rosie and brought her home. She is a sweet dog, and is protective. She seems to be fitting in real well in my house. I guess I should have gotten a new dog a long time ago, but I probably would not have found Rosie.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bead Holiday

That is what I call the day off I had from my regular position at the Gem & Mineral Show. A friend wanted to see what she could see at the show. She has lived in Tucson most of her life, and she had NEVER gone to the show. We had planned on about a 4-6 hour excursion, and we ended up spending 8 hours. My feet, my back. Ouch.

I was truly bummed out because I thought I would not be able to go to the "Best Bead Show" at the Kino Community Center. We did go to that show, and there did not seem to be as many inside vendors as previous shows. The number of shoppers seemed to be less than before, too. I still spent too much, but I showed restraint.

I met some really nice people who do bead patterns and kits for sale. Since I am trying to work on some patterns too, I was able to ask questions and received some really helpful advice. I want to especially thank June Wiserman of Tapestry Beads June was such a help.

Nikia Angel, a wonderful bead designer has some wonderful kits. I wish I could purchase them all, sadly, that is not to be. Nikia was working with the Beyond Beadery booth. Nikia's website is buy the (

I hope to finish the patterns I have and continue with the kits soon.