Thursday, August 9, 2012

Missing the summertime of old.

I am pondering the things I no longer take the time to enjoy. As I get older, there are new things to do or try. I recently tried a zip line. That was an experience. Speeding down the line nearly the length of a football field. I pitied the fellows at the end of my ride. They had a lot to handle, with me whipping all over the place. But it was an awesome experience. The things I miss from childhood summers, are a little less daring. The smell of a new mown lawn. Walking barefoot in the water filled irrigation ditch. The trips to the lake, water skiing, picnic on the beach. Sun suits, peeling skin, apple cider vinegar, skinned knees, calamine lotion, rubber thongs (sandals, not underwear). Dilly bars and lemonade. Watching for Sputnik and other satellites, watching for comets in the evening. Rocketry and the carbide can. New shoes, back to school, permanent wave, new books and a new school schedule. I asked my brother what he missed. He immediately replied: Climbing to the tree fort and listening to the crystal radio he made. Listening to KTKT radio station, which at the time was rock 'n roll. Frank Kalil, the DJ who owned a camel. What do you miss?