Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I apologize

To all my friends and family back East, and you know who you are. Here I am in sunshine land. Tucson, Arizona. While you have been having record snowfall, blizzards, storms and such, I have been snickering and pointing out that I am in shirtsleeve weather.

That all ends right now. Why, do you ask? Well the weather forecast for Friday, December 31, 2010 ---- SNOW. Not just in the mountains, but snow on the valley floor. Traffic will be snarled by locals who do not know thing one about driving in snow or ice conditions.

Of course, the Tucson version of snow means that it is gone by the next day. Which means that I will be dancing my happy dance again, as soon as my feet thaw out.

Happy New Year

Edit: On December 31st, I did get some snow. Not much, and it didn't stick. More like dandruff flakes.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A long time ago.....

This happened on December 17, 2008. A little old and I no longer have that car, but for the season...

OK. So I went into town this morning to get my car fixed. I needed to have the check engine light come on during the start in order for the car to pass emissions.

So, I got up early this morning and got my car into the shop. Yeah, OK, we can see where the critters ate the wires now that you point them out to us. By the way you need tires and brakes, and you have an oil leak at the oil sensor. OK, just get the check engine light working and fix where the rats ate the wire and the front brakes. This will take a while, I need to go get breakfast.

I walked about 3/4 mile to the Micky D. I wanted a #1 breakfast with a small OJ. Out of OJ, so I will have a small milk. I crossed the street to get something from the Office Max and that entailed crossing at the light. It is a big busy intersection, so I need to play by the rules. I pushed the button and waited for the "Walk" indicator. It came on and the traffic southbound also had a green light. I started across.

I reached about 1/2 way across the west bound lane, and someone was turning right was not stopping for me! They didn't see me! I had to jump out of the crosswalk! I screamed like a girl! My life flashed before my eyes, and I had no popcorn!

The car behind was honking his horn!!!!! I was in the way!!!!! No Kidding!!!!! I was almost struck, by a truck. I pretty much was rooted in the spot, and the driver of the truck who did not see me was grinning!!!!!! No apologetic look, no supplication, not an expression of sorry. just grinning!

I moved out of the way and got the man's license plate number as he continued on his way. I know, we didn't actually make contact, well I did throw my bag at the truck, like that was going to help.

I had to spend the next light cycle in the median, because it took me so long to get there. When I got to the other side of the street, my heart was still racing and I was shaking. I called 911. I talked to the Marana PD dispatcher. They were sending a car out to talk to me. Could I have been missed? No, I don't think so, I am wearing a red plaid shirt, and I am a big girl. That is a lot of red.

The officer got there. The incident was witnessed and they police had pulled over the white truck and was giving him a ticket. Yeah. They had one question, was the sign "walk"? Yes it was.

I spent the rest of the day doing different things, and it seemed like my muscles were very tight. But all in all I seem to be OK.

I will spend the rest of the night quietly in the house. I think I will watch "It's A Wonderful Life".

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here, Kitty, Kitty

I have a wonderful commute to work each day. I get to drive through a National Park. The park is Saguaro National Park West. Actually my property is adjacent to the park, so my drive is very peaceful. Not much shade, but very picturesque.

The other morning, there was a critter crossing the road. It was tawny colored, and at the distance, I thought it was a coyote. As I was approaching it, it was continuing across the road, breaking into an easy, rolling lope. It was bigger than the usual coyote. The tail was long and was minus the scruffy look of a coyote's tail. It all clicked. This was not a coyote, but a mountain lion.

It is rare to view a mountain lion because they normally hunt at morning and dusk, preferring to lay in the shade during the day, especially where man does not have a presence. What a delight.

A few years ago, I was closing the gate to my property, and I looked down in the sand and I thought I saw a foot print of a mountain lion in the sand. I looked at it closely and considered it very carefully. If it were a cat track, I would have to keep watch on my horses. Good thing I did not have any foals at the time. About three weeks later, a neighbor reported that they saw a male mountain lion on my property a few weeks ago. Up to the minute reporting by my neighbor. Great.

A friend of a friend lives outside of the park, but in the Tucson Mountains near me. She reported that she was cleaning out her refrigerator. She took a spoiled tuna casserole outside and was scooping the contents of the bowl in her yard where the wild life could partake of the former human food. From the brush came a magnificent male mountain lion, walking straight towards her. She had the presence of mind to not run, so the cat would not chase her down as if she were prey. She stood there, holding the bowl and the cat got to where she was standing, proceeded to lick the bowl clean. Then he licked her fingers. It was a magical moment. To be so close to something wild, and beautiful. Magical, until the lion turned and marked his territory on her leg.

Well, I guess it could have been worse.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Law of Attraction

I have become a member of the new team on Etsy. It is the Law of Attraction Team. There are quite a few members of this team, and we all look forward to positive thinking bringing positive results.

A lot of times we wish for something to happen but say it with a "It couldn't happen" voice. There is where we shoot ourselves in the foot. A positive viewpoint can bring us everything. A negative viewpoint only serves to make ourselves miserable by allowing more negative into our lives.

By looking toward the highest good in everything we do, we open ourselves to the Universe.

By being a member of this team, we help each others to open up to manifesting everything good into our lives. To remove the negative from our voice and thoughts, and to make friends in the bargain.

I am looking forward to the sales generated by the Universe. Now, back to my beading.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Puff balls have arrived

Puff balls. You have to look quick, or you will miss them. I just saw my first batch for the year. What are puff balls? They are the baby quail. They begin life by hatching and quickly drying off. At that time the term "puff ball" describes them perfectly. When just born they are about the size of a dime on two small little toothpicks for legs. They are buff color and blend in with the native grass quite well.

A quail family begins with over 20 of these puffs. The reason for so many becomes abundantly clear and the 20 quickly pare down to a dozen. Accidents are often along with predation from the hawks, neighborhood cats or snakes.

The puff balls quickly grow and grow real feathers to become young quail. If a pair of adults are lucky, they will raise 4 young to adulthood.

A pair of quail will mate for life, and both will take charge for the safety of their brood. Knowing this, it is sad to see a single adult continuing to care for the young. You know the other adult met their fate.

Last year I posted a blog about a male quail who only had one leg. I have seen him this spring. It would be difficult, if not impossible for him to mate, so he is doomed to bachelorhood. When I saw him, he was in the company of another male and a female. It is heartening to see his survival.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wildlfe dining al fresco

I went out to my car on Friday morning. My new car. In the early morning light, something did not look right. As I walked closer, the image became clear.

An owl had snagged a rabbit during the night, took it to a safe location (the roof of my car) and proceded to disembowel the rabbit. There wasn't blood, but there was plenty of guts. Yuck. A little hair was clearly the hair of a rabbit.

I proceded to roll up the windows of the car and hose off the offending mess. The sunshine will help to further cleanse the car roof. I don't know how many car washes it will take for me to accept that the roof is now clean. Some things you just don't have in the city. You lucky people.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

911, Do you have an emergency?

Woken up at 3:00 in the morning. Loud banging on my door. "Open up, Sheriff's department!"

OK, what did I do. Did a horse get out? Did someone come on my property? Run through a fence?

"Just a minute."

I stumble through my house looking for my robe, and after a few minutes, I decide what the heck, I was sleeping in sweatshirt and sweatpants. That hides everything. I go to the front door. No one is there. I now realize that he is at the back door. My dog is barking, and I am trying to calm her down. I go to the back door.

The Sheriff's Deputy is there with a flashlight shining in my face. He tells me the call center had a 911 call/hangup from this location. All they have now is a busy signal. They had to check it out and make sure everything alright.


OK, the weather is wet. The phone has been shorting out during a rainstorm. I tell him that the phone has been ringing and no one is there. It was doing that the last rainstorm and I noticed it happening tonight, too.

I ask him if he could give me a light, and I would check the box right now. I yanked the phone out of the bedroom, and a phone cord. We go outside, and I forgot to bring a screwdriver to open the interface box. He uses a knife. I mention that the knife looked like it could do some damage. He says it could, but he is very happy to use it in this manner, and not in a defensive manner.

The box is opened, and I unplug the cord. I insert my cord, and I have a clean dial tone. Darn it, the problem is in my end. I tell him thanks, and I will see the phone is repaired as soon as possible.

This morning, I was checking my system. I have dial tone in the house, at the cordless phone. The corded phone in my bedroom is dead. OK, so I go outside, and there it is. The line to my bedroom is broken, and the live end, the one still attached to the interface box, is lying in wet soil. Water being a conductor, will short out and give a false signal to the phone company. I disconnected that line and that should solve the problem, until it dries up enough for me to crawl under and finish the hook up to the far end of the trailer, then I can rewire the bedroom jack.

Now how did it dial 911?