Friday, November 14, 2014

Water Skiing, Not

My brother Bill was very skilled at water skiing. He could stay up for a long, long time. He once stayed up, skiing in the deep channel between Apache Lake Dam and nearly to Canyon Lake. That is a 14 mile stretch. With the boat, that was nearly 1/2 hour of steady skiing. From time to time we would travel to Puerto Penasco near Rocky Point in Mexico. This little community lies on the eastern shore of the Gulf of California. Bill was water skiing in the Gulf and was getting a little tired. He had thought about dropping into the water and end the ride. There is nothing to change your mind about quitting skiing than the appearance of a single fin through the water. Sharks tend to be solitary swimmers and the appearance of a single fin was exciting. Bill continued to ski then the appearance of numerous fins marked that location as safe. Dolphins are not solitary, but swim in groups. The appearance of several fins screamed "SAFE" to my brother. Dolphins, not only were a safe bet, but will chase off sharks. Into the water Bill went.

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